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We also supported three brief psychotherapy council meetings, organized by the Institute of Psychoanalysis, to which leading psychoanalysts and psychiatrists in the country, about 50 of them, came. I think the last one took place about '46 or '47. These were two-day sessions at which reports were made on new ideas in the field. It was like a town meeting for analysts.


This also was in Chicago?


Yes, and great fun to be listening in on. I must say that some of them fought very bitterly with each other, which who seemed shocking and disillusioning to me. These men, were expected by lay persons to have such great understanding of themselves and others, didn't always seem to me to have been thoroughly analyzed.


Was this effort tied in at all with the University of Chicago?


It was initially tied in with the University and then there were people in the University who weren't sympathetic and finally I think it was disassociated, but I may be wrong about this. It may be that for a time Alexander was a Professor at the University of Chicago and then disassociated himself. Some of the other people were professors there, but it wasn't closely associated ever.

In 1953 I went to visit Miss Aelen Ross, who was Executive

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