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lawyer is either unsympathetic or unknowledgeable.

As I say, we did make some contribitions to the Menninger Foundation but I don't feel that we've ever been able to make a really adequate contribution considering how much they need in both buildings and research funds to do the job they envisage for themselves. However, I always felt because I had given a great deal of time and effort and money to get the National Mental Health Institute started and gets funds made available for it, that they could have applied for and gotten funds, some of which they have gotten--they've gotten building funds and they've gotten training funds--and maybe some small amount of research funds. They never took advantage of this as I thought they could have, as I know they could have. However, they have gotten a few hundred thousand dollars a year from the Mental Health Institute and some building money, which may be around 300 to 500 thousand dollars. The funds they've gotten were out of all proportion to anything I could have given them and certainly would not have been there had it not been for my efforts with a few other people to get the National Mental Health Institute started. But they never really understood this.


Did they have a certain latent fear of any control that might be exercised by the Federal Government if they got more money?


Yes, but that really was a bogey man that didn't exist. There was no control and there is no control now. All the

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