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Federal Government wants to know is how they spend it.


Are the Mennings a man of a very independent turn of mind? Does this have any bearing on it?


Yes, they are of a very independent turn of mind, but also you have to tell private people from whom you get money how you spend it and what you want to do with money, and it is a lot of work to go out and raise money. And Bill Menninger has done that very industriously and actually could have gotten much more money much faster if he had put the same effort on the Federal Government.

Well, in any case, Florence Mahoney and Mary Switzer met the Menningers through me and both of them have been extremely helpful to them in various ways.

However, what I say about the Menningers is just a personal observation which doesn't take anything away from their dedication and energy in the field of psychiatry and I wish there were a hundred more men like them, with their intelligence and drive and zeal.


Mrs. Lasker, the publicity attendant upon the Menninger Clinic has been very good on the whole, it seems to me. Has this not been useful in itself in spreading the idea of help through psychiatry and making it a very acceptable technique to the general public?

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