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One of the functions of the Committee, we decided, should be to urge the governors of the various states to make a survey of research and training in their states. Mike Gorman and Lyn Adams went to Tennessee, to attend the National Conference of Governors in 1952. Between them they persuaded Mennen Williams, then the Governor of Michigan, and Governor McMath of Oklahoma and some other friendly governors to introduce a resolution for a large survey of research and training in the 48 states. This resolution passed, and it became the duty of the staff of the Council of State Governors to do the report. The report finally appeared in the spring of '53. It was a good job, a splendid summary, stating that existing research in mental illness was inadequate.

The state governors at a Detroit conference in '54 signed a 10 point statement pledging the support of a progressive mental health and hospital program based on treatment, training and research, and I have a summary of what the recommendations are.


Mrs. Lasker, was a representative of your Committee present at that conference?


Yes. Mike Gorman and Florence Mahoney were at the conference and they really urged and secured the passage of this resolution.


This is really an interesting development, of the technique

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