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governors. He inspires leaders in various states, where-ever there are people who seem to responsive, by going to see them and speaking at their meetings.

Now, the great clinical discoveries that have made the overall drop in the population of state mental hospitals have not really been understood by the public to the extent that they ought to be because no group has seen to the publicizing of these successes in the same sense that the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis publicizes the Salk vaccine. We have tried through our National Committee Against Mental Illness to stimulate articles on the importance of the drugs, and we did get an article in the New York Times Magazine section some years ago and another one by Gilbert Kant in Time magazine called “Bills for the Mind, a New Area in Psychiatry,” and I have tried and have succeeded in stimulating other articles over the years. But it still is a subject that is not sufficiently publicized. Not enough people know about it. It's so new to people, that you can really affect emotional and mental states through drugs, that there's still tremendous ignorance on it, although these drugs, the tranquilizing drugs, have been known for nine years and the psychic energizers have been available from about 1958 on.


But taking the tranquilizing drugs as an illustration, it seems to me that the general population has another understanding of their use: they have gone off on a tangent and think of it in such a casual way.

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