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area: I'm thinking of the doctors, say, in a state like Maine, where the resources are limited. Interested in seeing that those doctors got to national conferences where they could learn it first hand...


You mean general practitioners or...


Men involved in state hospitals.


Well, no, we didn't have money to transport people from 50 states to a conference; it was just more money than I had. It would have been a good idea, and if I had the kind of money that they have in the Rockefeller Foundation or the Ford Foundation, I would have done entirely more and much differently.

In keeping score about actual results in dollars and cents (Jane would you ask Mike Gorman what the states were spending at the time of the Governors Conference and what he estimates they are spending now. It is considerably more, but I haven't got the figures.)

Without additional research and training money nothing could be done. It's like a car without gasoline.

Now, Lyn Adams, who had been working for us for some time but rather ineffectually, left the National Committee Against Mental Illness and Mike Gorman became the Executive Secretary in January of '54. Gorman had been working for me for one last four or five years on other projects for the National

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