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Health Education Committee, another committee supported by the Lasker Foundation.

The organization of the National Committee Against Mental Illness, plus our initial efforts for the passage of the National Mental Health Institute Bill and the appropriations for this Institute, over the last 16 years have been one of the most important efforts I've made in the field of mental illness. What needs to be done is still gigantic. The funds and manpower with which to attack the problem of mental illness and solve it from a research point of view, as well as a psychiatric one, is one of the greatest challenges of the next 20 years. When all the other disease problems will have been solved the need for understanding and insight into emotional difficulties of people will always be with the human race.

Now, the Kennedy Administration has made in a great impact by proposing some legislation in this session of Congress, 1963, which has to do with more research in the field of retardation, a special interest of the Kennedy family, and especially of Mrs. Shriver and the President. And they combined in this bill legislation for the expansion of community facilities, in other words clinics, which can be associated with general hospitals in the community. And they are suggesting a large sum of money to be paid on a matching basis with states. This bill has passed the Senate, and whether or not it will

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