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supplied money with his children to start the Institute for Psychosomatic and Psychoanalytic Research and Training at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. They supplied seed money of about $260,000, part of it for the start of a building and about $60,000 for research funds. The Jewish community in Chicago gave the rest of the money, about a million dollars. Had it not been for our suggestion that the Institute be used for training and research, it would only have been a private psychiatric addition to the hospital. I'm hoping that here, too, additional clues will be found in the field of mental illness which will keep people out of the hospitals and make their stays shorter.

Curiously enough, the director of this Institute was a member of our Committee Against Mental illness, and about 1956, because we promoted in our communications with Committee members the fact that we thought drugs were very important in the treatment of mentally ill, was insulted by our promotion of the idea of giving drugs, and resigned from the Committee. However, he is still in charge of the Institute at Michael Reese and I hope he's doing something intelligent.


He's not exactly the type of man you would have recommended.


No, but at the time my husband and his children gave the money, he was an outstanding psychiatrist, who had been very successful in the psychotherapy of soldiers in World War II.

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