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promote that.

Now, I don't know whether this is going to be done or not, but I have made such an offer.


It certainly ties in with the whole picture of mental health, as one observes it...



I ought to give you a copy of this bill to be attached to this interview.


The ramifications of the emotional problems in a hope like that are so great.


Fantastic! absolutely fantastic.

Now, among other efforts in the field of mental illness that seem to have been successful, but something much more minor than these other efforts have been, is that Albert supplied funds for a Lasker Mental Health Clinic in Jerusalem at the request of his two sisters. I have often heard from visitors to Israel that this is one of the important agencies for human welfare there, and I'm grateful that it's been successful.


It goes back to what year?


Well, I think it goes back to 1950. Albert also

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