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which, if taken 20 days a month, gives 100 percent protection against pregnancy. And whether this pill or not is used throughout the world, this or one of its descendants will be, and should change the birth rate in all countries where they want to change it. It's really one of the staggering accomplishments of our times, and I'm greatly impressed with Dr. Pincus and his co-workers for it, and grateful.


Grateful, and yet it's unfortunate that you weren't in on this because you've been interested so long in that area.



Although the effort to get funds for medical research in New York State continued, just getting Dr. Hoch into the job wasn't enough. The minute he got into the job he became a bureaucrat who was afraid to ask for more money than what he was already being given by the Governor and the State Legislature. So, I decided that I would try to promote the idea a little bit from the outside. I also was anxious to interest Averell in the need for more money, state money, for research in heart disease and cancer. Dr. Hilleboe was the Commissioner of Health at the time and two and a half million dollars was being spent for cancer research at Roswell Park Hospital in Buffalo, operated by the State, and only $150,000 for heart research, although heart was the main cause of death in the state.

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