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Averell said to me, “The state doesn't have to pay for cancer or heart victims but we do have to pay for the mental health victims, so let other people take care of the cancer and heart business. I'm just interested in mental illness.” He was totally unsympathetic to do anything more than just doing whatever he could with the state mental hospitals.


He probably said this with the confidence that it would be taken care of elsewhere, do you think?


He was just cold to it. He really didn't have any confidence or interest in it.

Now, Dr. Hoch did have some disadvantages. He was an Hungarian and spoke with a deep Hungarian accent, although he'd lived in America for many years. He was a psychoanalyst but interested in the medical aspects of mental illness, as I've said. And he impressed us more than anybody in the field of psychiatry had for a long time; he has a broader point of view than any psychoanalyst I know.

However, when it came right down--and Hoch had been appointed--to his appointment, he only had an increase of $54,000 in the research budget.

(I think I should go back a couple of paragraphs.) You asked about his attitude toward increasing funds for cancer and heart research. They caused together two-thirds of the deaths of the citizens of the state, but they were not directly a charge on the budget of the state. He explained in

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