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make everything all right. It seems to me that I had looked into the matter quite carefully, but you see, I was misguided.

Well, then I went to the University of Wisconsin where I had many too many friends because many girls from Milwaukee D Seminary were there, too. I was exposed to freedom for the first time and to a lot of parties and to a lot of running around with boys. I really wore myself out, because I wanted to be moderately good as a student as well.


Were you in a sorority?


Yes, I was a Delta Gamma and lived at the house after my first year at the University. The first year there was a tremendous flu epidemic, and I remember being rushed at the Kappa Gamma House and feeling very ill and finally nearly collapsing and being taken to an infirmary and finding all kinds of other people around me in bed with flu and realizing that nobody knew what to do for us and that many people were sicker than I and that really we were helpless, except for Argyrol, which was liberally administered. At this time Argyrol was the cure for everything.

I really made a resolution then that if there was anything I could ever--if the time would come and I felt sure it would when I would have some leisure and some money, that I would try to do something about finding new knowledge against this disease and others and also seeing that medical education was improved,

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