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because I could see that there was a terrible deficit here.


What course of study were you pursuing?


Oh, I was interested in English then, not in any sciences at all. I was in the liberal arts, and I had no idea of learning anything about science. I was just going to do something about it ex-any educational background, which indeed I've done, without any medical or scientific background.


Did you succeed in achieving a pretty thorough-going social life?


Oh, I was very busy socially. I went out with 25 different boys, I can remember, the first semester. I was totally exhausted. We went to numerable mixers, as well, but I was also stimulated by the fact that there were good professors, men, like Professor Snow, who was a physicist and impressed all of the young students. He did such wonderful experiments and was so charming that at the end of a particularly good lecture, the students would give him what was called a “sky rocket,” which was the student cheer, and it really was reserved for football players. When they approved of his lecture, they would give him a sky rocket.

And there was another man who taught economics, I think, called Kiekaeffer, and there was a man called Carl Young, who was a great teacher of English literature. And I was very anxious

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