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Oh, yes. My mother didn't approve of my going around--they never encouraged me to travel on my own. I really lived very peacefully in the summers.

I was very interested in my history of art courses, especially in French art. I was stimulated, I think, and worked very hard, it seems to me, in college, but I don't think, as I look back on it, that it was one of my most enjoyable or one of the more enjoyable times of my life. I think it wasn't my best period for some reason.

I graduated in February of '23, because I had skipped a semester when I left the University of Wisconsin, and I wanted to go to Europe and I finally persuaded my father to let me go. He considered it a ridiculous extravagance. My mother got a friend, Mrs. Thompson from a small town in Pennsylvania, to accompany me as a chaperone. It would have been improper for me to go alone or even go with another girl. We took a general tour around Western Europe; we went to Paris and through France and Italy, through Switzerland, all sort of two- and three-day stops, which I got a tremendous amount of it. I have visual images of the place quite clearly still.

We got to Oxford for the summer term of that year, and we looked around to find a place that was attractive to stay in. I finally found that we could rent the top floor of a house of the provost of Worcester College, overlooking a chaing lake that had beautiful swans on it. And I was absolutely entranced with this because it was so pretty. We had our meals with the provost.

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