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people that he expected to make big sales to weren't interested in buying expensive pictures. Even though they were still very rich, it didn't appeal to them to admit that they had any money. And instead of thinking of what other business he could go into or what else to do, he just said, “Well, I'll wait until this passes by,” and while he was waiting he started to drink and he really became an alcoholic.


He had not actually been one before


No, but when this period of business stress came, he reacted by drinking; his anxiety was sort of overwhelming and he retreated into drinking. And he got to be so that it was as though he were another person and it was as if he had retreated into a cave out of which you couldn't bring him or even reach him. It was very, very difficult and very great stress for me. I tried all kinds of things to do and I tried to get him to go to a psychoanalyst. I did get him to go to one, who was a woman whom I thought was very inappropriate for him, I thought, and when he came back I said to him, “Well, when are you going back again?” and he said, “I don't have to go back.” I said, “Why not?” and he said, “I've been analyzed. That's it.”

I never could get him back. I was absolutely in despair and I couldn't get him to stop drinking, I couldn't get him to do anything. And I finally decided that I couldn't survive myself any longer, that I would just collapse if I were to continue to

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