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weren't at all anxious about my mother or about me as far as how well we made out with selling his investments or selling his estate, and I realized that I had to take all initiative myself. My mother didn't understand anything about business at all and neither did my sister.


Your sister was married at that time?


No. She was working doing public relations either for Rockefeller Center or for a firm, I don't remember which. But at any rate, she had no business experience other than that. I remember feeling that I was very much alone, and I did the best I could with it. I invested my mother's money the best I could.

My mother was very anxious about what funds she had to live on and was painfully economical because she felt the loss of my father terribly and she felt that she was very insecure even though she had enough money to live on. Quite properly she felt terribly insecure because she felt she neither had the ability to make any money or to deal with it, and she was very economical. I remember my sister was so irked by her economies that she once gave her a check for a thousand dollars as a gift and my mother was so upset by what had happened to her that after a couple of months she forgot that my sister had given her this money. My sister had given it to her so that she wouldn't economize on small things for the rest of the year. It was a large gift for my sister.

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