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Did this tend to add to your interest in finding...


Yes, it always interested me very much to see superb things sold to private collectors who were going to give them to museums. We even sold directly to museums; we sold a marvelous Greco portrait to the Detroit Museum through Dr. Valentino once, I remember.

I was always interested in museums. I loved to go to museums. Even as a child I liked to go. My mother never had any trouble persuading me to go to museums. I never complained at all about going, which was considered very surprising.

While the Hollywood Patterns business was going, after my divorce, I wanted to make money so I'd be independent and then would be able to feel free of worrying about money. I lived at 400 East 52nd Street.


Was this an apartment?


In an apartment, in the penthouse, in a small penthouse which had beautiful terraces. My mother lived there with me and we had them planted very beautifully and won numerous prizes that were given in those days for penthouse gardening. It was very pretty.

I got to know a man called Raymond Loewy, who was then in an early field called industrial design. Can you remember how industrial design was a new development? And I being very

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