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Well, I hope it will be providential in the case of cancer and in the case of arteriosclerosis, because we haven't got the answers on those. But in connection with blindness and... Well, I'll tell you things in which we've had big payoffs, that were certainly related to various things that we tried to do. You know, once you get going on a certain scale, almost anything that happens in some degree is influenced by the fact that there's money and interest and enthusiasm in the area, so that you can take credit for almost anything, not entirely, but you know.

I spent a great deal of time trying to be independent in the first era or first part of my life. I not only got a commission from Hollywood Patterns but I got a commission from Loewy on the various contacts and clients that I brought him or arranged for him to meet. By the time I met Albert Lasker, I had an income--between what I had inherited and what I made--of about $25,000 a year, which I thought was an enormous amount of money. I lived in great comfort. And when Albert asked me how much money I had he was absolutely staggered that I had so little and lived so wonderfully, but I lived in a very small amount of space. I had one maid. I had marvelous flowers that were either grown on my terrace or were given to me by becaus. When I had a car, I rented it whenever I needed it. I did everything that looks as if I do now or that he thought he did on incredibly less money.


He must have been impressed with the fact that you were a good manager.

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