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a fact sheet, which we distribute widely among opinnion leaders in the state, telling what isn't being done. That ought to be attached to these memoirs.

Now, could I go back? This section on our fight to get funds for medical research for the Veterans Administration should be put in a general section on our fight to get Federal funds for medical research, in which I've taken up the establishment and fight to get appropriations for various National Institutes of Health.

Around the middle '50s I began to realize that it was very hard to get large-scale clinical trials paid for with the kind of funds that we then had for the National Institutes of Health. And I had it brought to my attention by Dr. Freddy Homberger and Dr. C.J. Van Slick that there was an opportunity in the Veterans Administration to do clinical trials with new drugs, especially drugs like the then new drugs against hypertension and the tranquilizers, in the Veterans Administration because all the patients' care was paid for, and it was relatively less expensive to establish on a large scale the clinical usefulness of new drugs there.


In that connection do they have to have the permission of the patient in order to use new drugs almost in an experimental sense?


Well, these drugs that they use in the Veterans are drugs that have already been shown to be effective on small groups of

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