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most effectively and heaply. Besides, they are more used to the statistical methods in figuring these things out statistically in terms of what their results are and that's helpful.

There is trouble sometimes about what they do clinically because with the tranquilizing drugs they decided to make some trials and they gave doses that were small to their mental patients and found out that the drugs were ineffective. Well, now, this is very dangerous, because in the beginning of something if they come out and say that they've tried the drugs and they're not effective, the fact that they've given too small a dose and that it's going to take three or four years to give other doses and to come out to say that they are effective, or even two years, this turnaround wastes a lot of time. This happened in the case of certain tranquilizing drugs; they had to reverse themselves eventually.


Just a little footnote to the story about the Veterans Administration. At the luncheon recently, one of the doctors, and I've forgotten which one it was, spoke about the generosity of the Lasker Foundation in terms of relaxation for him from his strenuous labors in research. I think he was brought to New York for a weekend holiday with his wife. This was all cared for by the Lasker Foundation. Is this done extensively?


I can't imagine how this happened. Maybe it was as a result of some conference that we paid for. But this isn't any routine effort on our part. It is true, however, that Dr. Schnapper, who is the head of these clinical trials...He came to

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