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our research awards luncheon and dinner last November. Now, it may very well have been Schnapper. Now, Schnapper I have a very bright view of because he's the head of these clinical trials against arteriosclerosis and although the Veterans Administration does have substantial funds, as I've said, they don't give them any travel funds to travel abroad. Now, he wants to go to Copenhagen to make some reports on the usefulness of anticoagulants, and he had no money to pay for his trip with. Now, it is true that because I amsympathetic to his efforts we are paying for his trip to Copenhagen, really as a beau geste to him, not because it's our policy to pay travel funds for people. But I think that what he's doing is so important that I'm just doing this.


Well, it helps certainly to create the warmest and friendliest attitude on the part of somebody in a crucial spot.


Well, this is what we have to do, and we do it with very small amounts of money. I don't think that such very small amounts of money ever triggered such large amounts of money in in medical research before, not in connection with Schnapper, but in connection with appropriations.

Well, that's the end of that particular section.

Now, you said that you were interested in hearing about the activities of the Lasker Foundation. This section should be called the activities of the Lasker Foundation to promote

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