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from people, it seems to me, than I do. I think people are extremely agreeable to me but I don't get their full reactions as much as she does.


She's a very astute person.


She is, very. She's a wonderful person, and she's done a great deal of work very carefully on the awards.

So far the Lasker Awards for research have been given over the last 16 years to 13 men who have later won Nobel Prizes. (Jane, would you please list these and include a list of all winners of all Lasker Awards.)


More or less verification of your citation, aren't they?


Yes yes, it's been very interesting. And I think that in the last few years we've named others, such as C.H.Li, who will eventually get a Nobel Prize.

In 1953 the name of the Lasker Awards was changed by me to the Albert Lasker Awards in memory of Albert. It's my hope that these awards will bring and have brought encouragement and joy to the winners and that the “Winged Victory,” the symbolic statuette which is given to the winners, with the citation and check, will inspire them to even greater victories over disease and death.

Dr. Phillip Hensh, who won the Nobel Prize for has discovery of the usefulness of cortisone in arthritis and other diseases, told me when he accepted the Lasker Award that nothing could ever

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