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give him so much pleasure again, because this was the first award he had ever received. He later received the Nobel Prize with Dr. Kendell, for this work. He said the Lasker Award gave him the greatest thrill.


In the field of journalism, have the awards contributed to a wider appreciation of research?


Well, it's my sister's feeling that they have and that they've brought more good writers into the field of medical reporting. She said that initially when we started them she didn't see how we could find enough writers to give them to; now she says the number of writers and the quality of the entries for the awards have increased so much that it's very striking to her. Of course, we give journalistic awards in the field of newspaper reporting, magazine reporting and television shows, and some of the television shows have been indeed superb, especially those of Fred Friendly on the population explosion and on birth control--he's done two--and as a result of the award he got this last spring of 1963 for “Birth Control and the Law,” he decided to update the take and show the film again on the CBS network, and he's done that; it was shown again.

I'm always astonished but how little is known by people about the whole field of birth control and how it is still such a smothered subject.


Certainly it was a natural development to begin giving awards in the area of television, wasn't it?

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