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I sent in some ideas, but the major was that the President of the United States should call a meeting of scientists to discuss bold, imaginative plans for expanded research in cancer, heart disease and mental illness, and other major diseases was not used.

I also suggested that 250,000 scholarships be given, including 50,000 additional fellowships to expand the Fulbright program, to be called Friendship Fellowships, to bring students from all countries of the world.


This to be handled under the aegis of what?


The Fulbright Program. The other 200,000 scholarships were to be handled by the education section of HEW.

Now, here I will give you this summary which represents my thinking at the time. Of course, the Democrats did not win in '56, and in '60...


Before you go on to another date, what sort of reaction did you get to some of these proposals at that time?


Senator Hill was quite cool to the proposals, and nothing to speak of was done about them. However, in 1957 the Sputnik was successfully launched by the Russians, in the fall, and by late in the fall of that year it was generally agreed by most people who are knowledgeable that the United States

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