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still is the largest one at the present time. As of April '54 it had about 400,000 members, and as of September or October, 1963, it is certainly over 700,000.


May I interrupt with a question, Mrs. Lasker? These groups of doctors in clinics, so to speak, were they in being before this arrangement...


No, they were organized by Dr. George Baer, who was an outstanding doctor who worked at Mt. Sinai and who was the Mayor's personal physician and who had great initiative and vision in doing this, and it was a terribly hard job, very difficult.

In the very beginning, in order to start HIP, David Hyman put up a substantial amount of money from the New York Foundation. Albert supplied $25,000 to it on a loan basis, and the Rockefeller Foundation later came in with a substantial amount of money, and before the plan got really launched, between the Rockefeller Foundation and the New York Foundation between $800,000 and $900,000 was spent to get the plan going, so that our contribution was relatively small.


But it came at the right time...


But it encouraged Mr. Hyman and others to realize that they had friends.

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