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In 1954 voluntary plans took care of only about 15 percent of the total medical expenses of the people of the United States. I think this has increased greatly, and in '63 I don't know what it is. (Jane, would you please inquire in any good source that you think of.)


Is it not limited in its coverage percentage-wise because of the high cost?


Partly that, but partly because it's always a selling job, and if it was done under social security and voted, everybody would be in it automatically that has social security.


Yes, but I mean the voluntary...


The voluntary is expensive, but the truth is that the people who need it most need a lot of care and medical care is expensive.

In 1951 the total expenditure for civilian health services was estimated at about 14 billion dollars. Estimated benefits paid under voluntary health protection during '52 was only about two billion dollars. (However, I'd like to have a similar comparison as of '63. Jane, would you please put it in.)

I had realized early in 1940 that voluntary plans were not going to spread too fast, not fast enough to take care

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