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he inserted in some of the President's speeches. However, no great emotional plea on health problems which swept people along was ever successfully made by Truman. Truman espoused health insurance and more and better health facilities and research as a matter of course but without great emotion in his speeches. He was more moved in conversation if we talked to him about it, but I don't think anyone else ever talked to him about it.

He did say about us after he got out of office that we were the most effective and dedicated lobbyists he had ever encountered.


Well, it's pecular because he did get very emotional in his speeches about other things and this is a subject that one can get emotional about.


But, you know, people are scared of talking about it, laymen and so are doctors, I think. Anyway, Kennedy's speeches on medical care for the aged were much more emotional and much more strong than anything Truman ever said about it publicly.

Oscar Ewing in '48 was convinced and was very sincere in his desire for greater health protection, including health insurance, but he did not have the gift of speech to arouse and move people to what he was proposing, and he didn't make them understand that health insurance and medical research would

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