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job in Europe. Why must he be more?”

The President replied, “Well, the great military men of our time are Marshall, Eisenhower and Nimitz, and on the civilian side,” pointing to the White House outside the window, “was that man over there: Roosevelt.” He always had a sense of Roosevelt being present.


He didn't include MacArthur among the great military men.


Oh, no, certainly not.

Florence broke in: “A lot of people think differently and that you're the great man. They think you've made the greatest decisions and have shown the great courage.” The President replied, “ell, if I hear much more talk like that I'll get Potomac Fever,” and with cordial good-byes, he departed to call on his counsel, Mr. Charles Murphy.

We had no luck with getting Mike Gorman into the White House because Stone blocked it, but through Florence, Howard Rusk and Russell Lee, Dr. Magnusson was sold on him and he eventually joined the staff of the Health Commission around the 1st of March.


He was delightfully informal, wasn't he?


Oh, sure. Oh, we had a marvelous time with him; we just loved him!

At some point, he described Stevenson, and I must tell

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