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that part, but I don't know whether it was this visit.

Stone had balked at Mike because he was convinced from his dealings with Mike that Mike would be tough for Magnuson and that Stone and Magnusen would not get on at all. In the we? meantime, he tried to get Stowe to urge Mike for one of the President's administrative assistants. I called Stowe up on this but he would not do it, so we were at a loss as to what to do about poor Mike Gorman, who was really the only one we knew who understood the health issues. This was the first Health Commission ever to be appointed by the President of the United States, and we were extremely anxious that someone familiar with the subject in all its aspects should be on the staff.


But at the same time, Mrs. Lasker, you would have lost his services to your other efforts in the health field.


Yes, but we were so desperate about this at this particular moment that we were worrying about that.

Mike had had experience in newspaper writing, was a good writer and had been on the staff of the Democratic National Committee in connection with the aid-to-medical-education bill and the President's health program for the past year and had enthusiasm and zeal.

Finally, I spoke to Howard Rusk, who said Magnuson needed someone to do the publicity on various phases of the

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