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they went along slugging, and on the morning after election, the whole world was staggered. Mr. Truman was in! It took me 48 hours to recover from my pleasure and joy and shock. And so were numerous Senators in, with whom I'd done a number of things, including Senator James Murray of Montana who was always a difficult one to get in because he was too liberal for the copper company. Anaconda Copper Co. was always against him.


And yet Murray was a wealthy man in his own right.


Well, he was said to be. I never knew if he really was. I don't know that it was true that he was. But, anyway, he was very liberal and the papers and radio stations were controlled by “Illiberals” in Montana.

Well, it was really a joyous thing to see this reversal, which I really think probably happened in the last 10 days of the campaign. People just got tired of Dewey, I think, and Truman took on reality and effectiveness as Dewey got to be less effective.


Was it the mechanical nature of the man?


Yes, somehow or other he seemed too calculating. He has a quality like Nixon has, you know? just not loveable.

During the era between '46 and '52, I supported various Senators in their campaigns, including Murray, Pepper and Lyndon

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