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absolutely, you know, curious and astonished about Stevenson's nomination. You know, he had rejected it over and over.


And yet he's precisely the man who appeals to the cultured European.


Yes, but they knew very little about him at that time.

Well, once Stevenson was nominated, Florence and I felt that if he won, we must have his friendship in order to get any help with medical research funds and medical legislation. So, we decided that we would have to make friends with him.

Now, I had remembered meeting him once here in this house, at a party that Eleanor Roosevelt gave for her Committee on Human Rights in the late '40s, when he was a delegate to the United Nations. But other than that--it was very casual--I didn't know him at all. He did live near Albert's former place in Lake Forrest, in Liberty-ville.

In any case, George Backer and Roger Stevens, whom I didn't know at the time at all, decided that they would collect money from me, and I decided that I would support Stevenson's candidady fairly liberally, for me at least. And I got money from my sisters-in-law. And one night in Pennsylvania Station we went down to the private car of a train--they were still using trains in 1952--and waited for Stevenson to come back from a rally in Brooklyn. He came back through this dark corridor in Pennsylvania Station--you know it's all sort of dark and murky there--and there was a kind of a small

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