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group of people walking along behind him in a very tired way, including Bill L and George Ball. I remember recalling that if one didn't indicate to politicians that one had some interest in some area they would tend to think that you were giving some money for just their general good nature, and that I should indicate that I expected to have some conversation with him about some area after he was elected. So, I said, “Here's a contribution for you, but there are strings attached.” He said, “Oh, I suppose they're ropes.” I said, “Well, yes,” and he said, “Well, what is it?” I said, “Well, if you're elected I expect half an hour of your time, and if you're not, I expect a great deal more.” He laughed and said, “That's settled. All right.”


Was he surprised to get a campaign contribution in that manner?


It would take a lot to surprise him. He, undoubtedly, had been told that I will there as a willing victim for a contribution. So, we had a drink with him, and his sister, Mrs. Ives, and Bill Blair. It was one of the first times I met Bill Blair, I think.

Now, Florence went to Springfield the night of the election in '52 just on the chance that if he were elected one of us would be there so that there would be no doubt about the fact that we were his supporters.


And very soon offer congratulations.


That's right. Florence has described that election night

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