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very much like a candidate. This time Agnes Meyer decided that he should be urged to run, and she put up some substantial money to try to make a drive for his nomination. Arthur C and Tom Finletter started to work for him, too, and they were really the core, with Senator Monroney and Senator Monroney's son and Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, of the people that raised money and urged his nomination.

The situation was extremely complicated because he would not admit that he was a candidate, and yet he would do things that would encourage these people privately, yet at the same time sounding as if he wasn't going to do anything. He wouldn't admit to anything.


Not even to his closest friends?


Well, about late in April, both Bill Blair and Minow, his partners, told Stevenson they were against his trying again for the nomination. They felt that Kennedy had gotten too much support and that he should support Kennedy in return for having an agreement that he would be either the Vice Presidential nominee or the Secretary of State. I'm not sure that they mentioned the Vice Presidency or not; I think the agreement was only for Secretary of State. Stevenson could never really bring himself to do this.

I visited Chicago in the middle of May for a conference

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