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on World Tensions which Paul Hoffman had organized, and I stayed with Stevenson at Libertyville for a day and a night, as I recall it, and he was in a great deal of uncertainty about what he was going to do. Kennedy had just visited him andurged him to support him, and Stevenson had not agreed. I didn't urge him to support Kennedy because I felt that his ego was involved and that he was really hoping that somehow or another there would be a stalemate in the Convention and that he would be nominated again in spite of everything. After all, he had been nominated once, in spite of everything, the first time, and the second time he fought very hard for it, and I think he was loathe to fight again for it but that he felt that he still had political appeal and that it might come to him anyway.


And he didn't want to burn his bridges.


Yes And also he had told both Kennedy and Johnson that he wouldn't try for it. He did, quietly, not discourage his friends, like Mrs. Meyer; he let themgo ahead when he could have put a stop to their activities at any moment by saying,” Now, listen, don't do this,” but he never said this and let them go along and stir up whatever agitation they could and they stirred up quite a lot.

Well, after I saw that his ego was involved and that he really wasn't going to say that he would or wouldn't run and that he secretly did want the nomination, I did help with money and some ideas in June and July.

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