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Senator Mike Monroney, his wife, and I gave a luncheon for Mrs. Roosevelt and for Stevenson at Romanoff's Restaurant in Beverly Hills. This was in order to get key people together to listen to her give a little talk privately about the importance of Stevenson's nomination. This was an off-the-record luncheon of about 30 people, and among the people who were there were Walter Reuther and his wife, Senator Gale McGee, not a great many important Senators. Reuther was probably the most important figure politically, that represented political opinion. The Richards of California represented the Stevenson forces in the California delegation. There were many California friends of Stevenson's, but it was not a great turnout of political force.


Did Stevenson speak at that luncheon?


Stevenson spoke and Mrs. Roosevelt spoke. Stevenson didn't urge support for his candidacy. She urged support for his candidacy.

That evening, as I recall it, there was a great deal of maneuvering going on. Stevenson had dinner in his suite at the Town House, and Florence Mahoney and George Killian and Bill Blair and I--I don't remember anybody else--had dinner together, and then he went to another rally of Stevenson supporters.

On Tuesday morning there was a morning party given by Mrs. Mesta, a huge party of about 4,000 people, it seemed to me, in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel.


Was she a Stevenson person?

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