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January 3, 1964 - Interview No. 28 - Amenia, New York


Mrs. Lasker, in this charming setting I'm sure that your story is going to be more interesting than ever, and you were going to give me a further chapter, I believe, on the subject of politics. Last time, as you recall, you talked about the convention when Kennedy got the nomination, and you want to go on from there.


I think I told you that in September of '60 that Bill Walton was in charge of the problems in New York State for Kennedy. Didn't I say that I went with him to make a contribution to Kennedy's campaign at the Carlyle?


Yes, you did.


And I told you that I went with Udall to the press conference for the announcement of his appointment as Secretary of Interior, and it was also the day he asked Kennedy to have Frost at the Inauguration.

About the 1st of November I went to California. I think it was because Francie Brody wanted me to see the Picasso show that she had arranged and which opened at that time. In any case, I went there, and Stevenson was campaigning in southern California for Kennedy, and Kennedy was also there at

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