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Did this continue throughout the whole Kennedy Administration?


No. You see, I don't know what his influence has been recently, but most of the appointments were made after a few months, and then Shriver became head of the Peace Corps. I don't think there was any great necessity for him to play any such role later, but he was enormously influential in the beginning. Dungan and he had a lot to do with it, but I think Shriver had the first say about anything he felt strongly about.


This was in the area where Robert Kennedy didn't function?


I suppose Robert Kennedy wasn't interested in HEW appointments at the time, as I recall, and I was interested largely in that area.

Well, during the Kennedy Administration we did make some progress in the amounts of money available for medical research, not with the help of the President the first year. I think he put an additional 50 million dollars in the budget, which he considered to be a good increase, and that was supposed to be that. Naturally, we didn't think that was adequate and tried to get more money (Jane, would you put in where we started with the Kennedy Administration. I don't seem to have the piece of paper that gives the amount of money that we started with. Also put in the amount we had as of fiscal '64.)

Kennedy increased the funds that were made available by Congress by about 50 million dollars each year, but I don't know

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