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what his plans for fiscal '65 were. For fiscal '62, '63 and '64, I think the increases were for 50 million dollars.


Did he seem to feel that this was as much as the picture would absorb effectively, or what?


No, I think that he didn't know much about what it would absorb but he thought that if he made increases we couldn't make too big a clamour about it, and we did make a good deal of clamor the first year because at our cancer conference, which took place in the fall of '61, Dr. Siguras encouraged by us and Dr. Farber and Dr. Ravdin criticized the lack of additional money that had been put in the budget by Kennedy for cancer research, and this seemed to distress him.

I think the total amount of money went from 770 in fiscal '62 to 960, including research construction, in fiscal '64.


Just a little under a billion.



The citizen witnesses that we had organized testified for about a billion two hundred and 63 million for fiscal '64.


Just in the way of a footnote, tell me about the citizens group that you organized.

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