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This was a very formal affair?


Yes, very formal. Everybody was dressed up completely. There were about 130 people there. A great deal of effort had been put into it.

Well, time passed, and it was '62, and all the agitation started again over who was going to be re-elected to the Senate. I supported various people, some of whose names I'll give you, but the most important people to support, naturally, were Senator Hill and Congressman Fogarty, as far as I was concerned.

I did support Claude Pepper, who is now running for Congress from Florida.


Had you renewed contacts with him?


Well, not very much, but when he asked me for a contribution I couldn't help but help him because he had been so vital to our efforts for research legislation in the early days.

I also see that I supported Wayne Morse. I'm not always sure that I should do that because he's been so difficult about many things.

I supported Sidney Yates against Dirksen in Illinois. I supported Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, Ribicoff in Connecticut, Monroney in Oklahoma, Richards of California, Bible in Nevada, who was so sure to win that he couldn't even raise money to travel around the state and asked me for travel money. Isn't that fantastic!

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