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placate them in the summer of '62, he did win by 6500 votes, and he's spared for another great six years in the Senate.


But this does point up the fact, doesn't it, that we should have a broader base perhaps?




I mean, a broader base in the Congress and of friends in this cause.


There are friends. Pastore, perhaps, might have succeeded him and Pastore is a friend, but he's busy with other committees and he's an expert in other areas, and it takes a long time to know as much about an area as Hill knows both by temperament and by experience. This is true about Fogarty. Both of them are now uniquely oriented in this area and terribly canny about what to go on, and they know what the major advances have been and they're both personally involved in it. Now, this just wouldn't happen to anyone else quickly, at least no one will give it the attention because the other people that are in line are working on something else.

In the spring of '62, or perhaps it was '63, Lady Bird Johnson entertained for the Empress of Iran who was making a state visit and asked me to come down. I think I was one of two or three women from out of town and the rest of the people were either cabinet wives or wives of heads of important federal

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