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I got out of my car in a St. Laurent dress that I'd had made in Paris, made of blue m, and covered with embroidered snow-flakes, and when I got into the door of the White House there was a huge oil spot on it. I realized that I probably couldn't get the spot out before I would have to be in the room when the President and Vice President came in. The maid ran for some cleaning fluid, but I realized that I would be late if I waited for her to come back with it. And I didn't have the nerve to come into the room after the President and the Vice President came in because everyone was supposed to be present, and if I were late I thought it would be really too rude for words. So, I went up to the dinner with an enormous spot--about that big--on the side of my dress! It was very obvious, and naturally you think everybody can't help but see this spot. Well, it was pretty evident and maybe everyone didn't see it, but I was very aware of it!

I remember that I had just given Raymond Loewy a small painting by Jean Eve and a Braque lithograph which he used to decorate the President's compartment in his new plane, and both the President and Jackie were very sweet about thanking me for these two works of art, which were not terribly valuable but which evidently pleased them a lot.

I remember that the guest list was full of people I knew. I think I sat next to General Maxwell Taylor. Who else was there I can't remember. It's a terrible thing not to make notes about all this, because if I had, it would all come back

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