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to me. However, the spot on my dress was the greatest annoyance.

Later, early in February, Florence Mahoney and I gave a dinner at the new club called the City Tavern. We gave two parties as a matter of fact: one on the 7th of February and one on th3 27th of February. On the 7th of February we had about a hundred people. It was a dinner dance and we had 15 Senators and their wives, including Senators Hill and Humphrey and Edward Kennedy and Mike Mansfield and Symington. And we had Governor Stevenson, Mr. Stephen Smith, Mr. Kermit Gordon, the new Director of the Budget; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. David Bell, who was the new Director of the CIA; Mr. and Mrs. Averell Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lippmann; Mr. and Mrs. Larry O'Brien; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O'Donnell; the Honorable David Ormsby-Gore and Lady Ormsby-Gore; Mr. and Mrs. Drew Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Walt Rostow, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schlesinger, and numerous other people, including Mr. Ted Sorenson and a girl friend.

At the next party, on the 27th, we had the Secretary of HEW and his wife, the Postmaster-General and Mrs. Day, Senator and Mrs. Paul Douglas, the Secretary of Agriculture and Mrs. Freeman, Senator and Mrs. Lister Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoffman, Senator and Mrs. Lee Metcalf, Senator Monroney, Congressman Rooney, and various well known correspondents like Howard K. Smith and Mrs. Doris Fleeson Kimball, Mr. McGeorge Bundy, the French Ambassador and Mme. Alphand, and a great cross-section of other people in town.


Is this a frequent thing that you do in Washington?

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