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No. Three or four years ago we'd given a big party at the F Street Club, but this year we gave two parties at this new and pretty club, the City Tavern, with a lot of dancing. Both were very gay and pleasant. I think the first party went a little bit better.

Mr. Shriver came, as well as Mr. LeMoyne Billings, to the first party. And Mrs. Philip Graham.

Well, that's social life.


It also ties in with your overall effort.


Oh, yes, certainly, because it makes it easy to see people if you see them socially.

I see that at the White House dinner in '63, January, I sat next to Mr. McCone, the head of the CIA.

Now, at the end of June or early July, the President called together the heads of women's groups of 100,000 or over membership to discuss ways to make progress on civil rights. I don't know why I was invited, except it was perhaps because I was on the President's Commisson for Equal Employment Opportunities In any case, I was invited, although I'm not the head of any organization that has large numbers of members. It was very touching. It took place in the East Room on a lovely, bright, hot day. The President came and described what his civil rights legislation consisted of, which seemed to me utterly inocuous really, to an Easterner who was not a victim of an encroaching Negro population and it seemed to me ridiculously simple. And

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