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Its Cause and Cure”--inflation was a terrible bugaboo in '59--and we did support a report of his on “The Federal Budget and the General Welfare,” in other words a discussion of what was needed in education, public health, social security and child welfare. Keyserling is widely discussed and in many areas is a respected economist, and he made some estimates of the living standards of the elderly which are quite low and goals which should be met to improve the levels of the elderly in the '60s. Here are those two reports.

Also, in '59 Arthur Schlesinger was writing about the shape of national politics to come and we distributed a pamphlet by him, which I give you, and another pamphlet called “The Big Decision: Private Indulgence or National Power,” which was published in '60, and which we published and distributed.

Here is also “Does Over-Population Mean Poverty?” the booklet which describes the world situation in birth control, which I've already discussed.

Now, there's one area which I must now discuss and that is--just after the Sputnik was launched and it was obvious that the United States had no technological development to equal it, Norman Cousins and a man called Leghorn, who is now the head of, came to see me, and said they thought it was high time that there be some discussion about arms control and how arms control could be achieved gradually in a series of stages, and would I support a committee of the National Planning Association to do this. Leghorn and Cousins are both very ardent and energetic

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