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and this is really a great legislative triumph in the health field. I don't think the mental retardation and mental health bills would have passed had it not been for the activity of Mike Gorman whose efforts are entirely paid for by one of our committees, because he really kept after Senator Hill and Oren Harris when they had a great many other things to do, and persuaded them to really come to a compromise and decision and get the bill passed. Mike was at the signing of the bill. The White House called me and asked me to come for the signing, but I had something else to do that made it very awkward for me to go, and I asked Mr. D, who was Larry O'Brien's assistant and who phoned me, if he would ask the President for a pen for me with which he signed the bill, and he did indeed get the pen and gave it to Mike Gorman who gave it to me.

It involves a substantial amount of money to be spent over a period of three years, and Jane will put in the amounts.

I think, to summarize, our greatest successes have been in the areas of legislation for medical research and for the establishment of really four Institutes: Heart, Mental Health, Arthritis and Neurological Diseases and Blindness, and on the general support of appropriations for all the Institutes for research and training of research workers. A great deal of this money that is used for training research workers is used for general education in the medical schools, but God knows they needed that, too, because they have been starved, and this was a way to give them some help because there was no way to get general money

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