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extremely interesting, and I had looked forward to this, but I had decided to cancel it.

I went to the Lehman funeral in Temple Emanu-El and was led to my seat by Julius Edelstein, Lehman's brilliant and faithful administrative assistant, who is now working for Mayor Wagner. He was deeply moved by the death of this really remarkable and truly good man. The temple was packed with people. I was led to an area of the Presidential party. As they arrived Mike Mansfield and Senator Hill appeared in the aisle and I motioned to them to join me, which they did, and we sat together during the funeral and then drove to Idlewild. The Presidential plane was parked in a little-used area in Idlewild, and I heard that night that the President said that five men dressed as hunters had been found with guns within 500 yards of the plane. so, one doesn't know whether this was an organized attack on his life or not. At any rate, they were picked up.

I got into the plane Mrs. Johnson was in. She got into one plane, and the President into another. There were a number of people with us, including Mrs. Hubert Humphrey, that I visited with. Ben Cohen and Thomas Corcoran were on the plane and it seemed very strange to see them both very energetic-looking and still in the center of Democratic politics after 30 years. They still look very well and capable of being up to a great deal. The wives of the Justices of the Supreme Court were on the plane, too, and as we arrived at Andrews Field we were transferred to helicopters. I had never ridden in a helicopter before; the one we were in was charming. I think it was decorated by Raymond Loewy, pale beige,

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