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a large one even though you have in power now an Administration sympathetic in general to the idea. The prodding is still necessary.


Yes, but actually I have no staff for this and if David Lloyd were alive I might have tried to continue with this but one needs a great deal of staff help to be currently informed and to do anything that's effective. You need to know absolutely all the answers to everything, and I don't have all the answers now, and if I started to reassemble people of the caliber that were working for me, it would be extremely expensive, and it's something that I would like to do but don't contemplate doing in the next six months anyway.

I don't think I finished describing my relationship with Johnson. I'd like to describe my visit to the White House after Lehman's funeral. (This section should be included in the previous session about Johnson.)

I think I said that I had met with President Johnson on the 4th of December of '63 and taken up a series of points with him, but then the night of the 7th of December I was at home, strangely enough, because often I'm not, and the phone rang and Mrs. Johnson was on the phone saying would I come back to Washington with her the day after the funeral of Governor Lehman, whose funeral they were coming to. I had a number of things to do, but I thought that this kind of a visit probably superseded the others in importance. One of the things was to go and dine that Sunday night at the Heinz's in honor of Prince Bernhardt of Holland. He was here for some committee meeting that sounded

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