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Interview No. 2 - October 24, 1962


Mrs. Lasker, it's good to be back with you again today, and I have been anticipating, of course, a resumption of your most interesting story. Would you like to take over at this point?


Well, I think I said in our last interview that I was divorced in 1934 in Reno, in December, from Paul Reinhardt, whose alcoholism by this time had been very stressful and difficult for me to cope with. And as I found no way of helping him, I thought that I'd better help myself by not being a victim of it any longer, and I went there with Mrs. James Warburg, who also got a divorce and who was known as the songwriter, Kay Swift, and who was my great friend than and has been all the rest of my life. Her mother had an important influence on my life, Mrs. Dorr. Mrs. Dorr died of cancer in the late '20s. This was a very influential event in my life because I loved her and was very distressed about it and couldn't understand how it could happen really.


You saw a great deal of her?


I had seen a lot of her in the '20s, after I had come to New York.

Well, between my divorce and April 1, 1939, when I met Albert Lasker, I had made a number of new friends and spent a great deal of time supporting myself, through the Hollywood Pattern

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