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business and trying to increase it s volume and through Raymond Loewy's business. And then I was interested in a wide variety of ideas. I think I have a list of things that concerned me then.

I was already interested in medical research against tuberculosis and cancer. I was interested in the medical value of psychoanalysis.


In what way? How did you show your interest?


I was interested in the sense that I tried to find out the extent of the problems, and I tried to, in a very small way, get some money for the cancer investigator. I was interested in the medical value of psychoanalysis and became a friend of both Franz Alexander of Chicago and Karl Menninger in Topeka, Kansas. He spent a great deal of time here in that era between '34 and '39.

I had also become friend with Margaret Sanger and worked for the Planned Parenthood Federation which was then the Birth Control Association and then became the Planned Parenthood Federation.


What did you do for her and her group?


Well, I raised money. I was a member of the Board of the American Birth Control Society.

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