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telephone and that he passed my table and didn't look at me, and I thought, “That man is making a great mistake not to pay any attention to me,” right then.

The next day Mrs. Bernard Gimbel called me and said that she wanted me to come for the weekend because Albert Lasker was going to be there and she was anxious to have me meet him. And I said, “Well, I have met him,” and she said, “Well, come, he wants to see you.” I thought, “Well, maybe I'll go.” I was going someplace else for the weekend, but I said I'd go there for lunch on Sunday.

Then, at the same time my mother was very ill. I was very distressed and worried about her and very disturbed and not very well, and in the midst of this a telephone call came from Mr. Epstein, who also was asking me to come to cocktails the following two or three days. I didn't hear what he said because I dropped the phone--I was very upset--and when I picked the phone up I kind of dimly heard what he was saying, and he said, “Will you come?” and because I had missed what he was saying I said, “Yes, when is it?” And he said, oh, day after tomorrow at 5 o'clock, and I said, “Yes, I'll come,” because it was easier to finish the conversation that way.

And I thought he was giving a large cocktail party. I went to the Ritz Carleton, where he had an apartment, at 6 o'clock, an hour later than he had asked me, and I found only Mr. Epstein and Mr. Albert Lasker. Mr. Albert Lasker was extremely cross

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